Tips from The 33000

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Blog Launches

I kicked, I screamed, but they prevailed! Welcome to the 33000 blog. As you (should) well know, 33000 provides addresses and contact details for thousands of establishments in Nigeria. From Banks and Hotels, to Night Clubs and Hospitals. It's quick, simple and easy. For example, if I wanted British Airways info in Lagos, I would write a text message as so:

British Airways#Lagos

and send it to 33000 (remember it - THirty THree THousand!)

In a few seconds I will get this message:

British Airways, xyz road, Lagos, 01 2626266,

And thats it! Text charged at standard network rate. The service is available on all the major networks.

So if the service is so simple and brilliant ;) ,what more can this blog feature then? Well, our Facebook friends will be familiar with the 33000 Friday Tip of the Week. This features inspirational business stories, lifehacks and general motivation and goodness.

I will be updating all previous tips gradually and then the new ones will follow accordingly.

Hope you enjoy and remember, it's 33000!