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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Buy Low!

The cardinal rule of the stock market is to buy low and sell high. SIMPLE. Or is it? If everyone knows how to do that then we should all be wealthy…Right? The truth is investing in stocks, bonds and other instruments remains a fine art that we continue to learn as we go along. There is however an untapped market which has superb returns…..PEOPLE! There is no greater investment than in another person’s life. The returns are unpredictable at best but when you hit a great person then that stock will have value for LIFE!

BUY LOW; there is no better time to invest in another person than when there is clearly nothing to gain. When you make a call, give a loan (the golden rule of loans is only loan what you are willing to forget!), check in on and generally take an interest in someone who has nothing and it appears has nothing to offer you in return

BEYOND THE OBVIOUS; it remains the easiest thing to be friends with those that are clearly and apparently successful. It takes nothing to call them or to buy a drink or send a gift. We delight in the company of success believing it will rub off on us. What we ultimately have to do is see beyond the obvious. See those in and around us with real potential. See them for the possibility and not the present reality.

ROLE REVERSAL; Do you ever put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Literarily. Have you ever gone for a job interview or a loan at the bank and been treated badly? You probably have. The trick here is to ask yourself when you are on the giving side of a transaction... How would I like to be treated? If I was a waiter and serving myself, how would I want to be spoken too, ALWAYS put your self in the other person’s shoes.( By the way, NEVER insult waiters/waitresses, at least until the meal is over because its a long road from kitchen to table and they are carrying your food!)

SAYING THANK YOU; there are two types of thanks. The verbal passive one that we use very easily. We just say ‘thank you’ and that’s it, we’re done. However there is no greater thank you than a long memory. To actively give your time, attention, resources and anything else you can give in memory of what someone else has done for you. No matter how big or small.

DON’T WAIT TO BE ASKED; we all have challenges and predicaments in our lives and even if we dedicate all of our time and energy to solving them we would still be left with certain burdens. We don’t have to wait for someone in our lives to cry out for help. We should look to act BEFORE we are asked. It allows the receiving party to retain their dignity and for the entire transaction to be as painless as possible. Just imagine if it was you that received something you didn’t have to ask for.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK; Everything without tells the individual that he is nothing, everything within persuades him that he is everything…. X Doudan

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