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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Passion to Profit

As we get older the desire to succeed in our careers, in love and in life become the focal point for us all. The true measure of success is no longer how successful (or not) your parents were or how physically attractive you are. True success is measured in physical acquisition of the so called finer things. Our standing amongst peers, family and even the competition (Note everyone that bullied you in school and drove a much nicer car while you stared in envy from a cab!) is paramount to defining your success.

Success is a journey not a destination and as soon as you grasp that then you grasp everything. No one has ever succeeded in a single day and the true entrepreneur has to learn this. We cannot be taught. Can success be defined? The goals that we set for ourselves come and go and we are always looking for something else. Are we not? True success starts in your mind. It begins as with all things as an idea…

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS; The most successful companies in the world started in someone’s mind (not to speak of the family kitchen!). From Kentucky fried chicken to Microsoft and Boeing to Tesco. They all started from one place and in one mind. The truth be told, its owners could not possibly have envisioned the ultimate success of their companies but they did see one thing. They saw the possibility of it all. No matter how small we have to start. That first sale, meeting or introduction. The first satisfied client is potentially one of many more to come.

PASSION; The difference between what we do for fun and what we do for business is very thin. We are often told of how a friend that used to make everyone up for parties has started a make up store and is now doing very good business or another friend who always loved baking cakes is now a successful baker with a lot of clients. Bottom-line? They took their passion and made it profitable. The real question is …What is your passion? The most successful business are founded on passion and run on sense. If you love to do something without prompting and you are able to do it well (Note to all aspiring singers who sing only in the bath!) then find out if other people will pay for it. The rest is up to management and common business sense with a dash of luck. Then you would have turned your passion to profit

DEEP INSIDE; No Pun intended here! We will often hear the most successful business people in the world tell you that they could not imagine doing anything else. They simply had to do what they are doing because they were drawn to it. If you are not compelled then you will not be propelled. All business is hard work. We ignore the hard work because we love what we do. The feeling from inside to provide that product or service is a compunction that we cannot avoid. If you have to search for what you want to do then your job is made doubly hard. It must come from deep inside.

IGNORE THE PAIN; bodybuilders will tell you that ‘pain is weakness leaving the body’ or better yet’ no pain no gain’. This all sounds like abstract stuff reserved for people who have veins the size of small snakes and look like they will never be able to put their hands down! However they are completely right about pain. 80% of all businesses will fail in the first 24 months. A harsh statistic and one that is widely touted in the western world, it is no less relevant to anyone who wants to turn their passion into profit. When you ask a client to pay you for a product or a service that you provide; they will look for every reason NOT to pay you. You are in the right business when you convince them to say yes. If your passion is your business then you will be hurt. Frequently. You will measure your self worth with your business and it will bring you pain. This is however only one side of the coin because if you get over your hurdles and get past those 24 months there is great reward, Great reward indeed. As Jafar says in Alladin ‘You will get your just reward!’

We must seek success in all things because the only other option is failure. If you have a talent or a skill that you want to share with the world and get paid doing it? Then there is no other time like today! Get out your pen and paper and think of what you would like to call your company. Then write down how you would like to go to the market. Decide if you want partners. Write down every conceivable thing that you want to do with your company and start right there! The only way to fail or SUCCEED is to start.

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