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Thursday, 3 July 2008

More Business Basics

Happy Friday! (Unless of course you’re still wondering how you could possibly have spent so much money over Christmas!) Never mind because by March you should be back in the groove. Is it me or is 08 starting to feel like 07 already! I’ve been self employed for about 4 years and it’s a rough rough road I tell you. So here are a few tips that I picked up along the way to at least ease your way into that brand new business that you’re looking to start.

FLIERS: Absolutely no point printing fliers. No point at all. (No offense to printers out there!) Put it this way; when last did YOU pick up a flier and say AH! I must rush to ‘fabulous fashion’ and buy these suits that are on sale! Try branded text messaging instead (08034513857, )Cost efficient and target specific.

OFFICE SPACE; getting your work address is vital in creating the work environment that you want. Most first time businesses tend to spend far too much on office space. Whatever your budget to start your business use this formula RENT-30%, RECURRENT EXPENDITURE -30%, MARKETING/PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT -30% . COTINGENCY -10%. Ultimately, start at home and earn your way out of the house.

PARTNERS; like a marriage you have to carefully select who you are going to work with. CAREFULLY. Each partner must bring something to the business. There MUST BE a leader; the heart of the organisation. You partners must be strong in one aspect or the other of your business and if not then they might as well just be customers!

LEARN; Expertise in what you do is vital, if you want to sell bed sheets then you must know what forty thread count cotton is. Research your service/product to death and keep up to date about any new developments in your business. A hands on approach is vital in building your business so roll up your sleeves and LEARN!

COPY; Check out the competition and see where they do better than you. Once you find out, COPY. Flattery is the greatest compliment and if its bringing more customers through the door then you’d better flatter away!

PAY FOR PREMIUM; ever bought something really cheap and had to buy the same cheap thing 3 times over? Added up the total and you could have bought the quality version in the first place. From website designers to consultants, always get the very best you can afford. It may pinch now but in the end it will be worth it

QUOTE OF THE WEEK; Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm- Ralph Wado Emmerson

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