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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Success is a Journey, not a Destination

About 20 odd years ago the comedian Jim Carrey wrote a cheque to himself for $20 Million Dollars. Strange? Absolutely. He was out of work and living in his car! Crazy? Definitely! His style of comedy was quirky and odd and he received very little work except for one small thing….. He knew he was funny. Convinced beyond belief of his own humour he wrote that cheques and kept it in his wallet until he cashed it. He went on to become the first comedian to receive $20 Million dollars for a film. Are there still other crazy comedians out there with cheques in their pockets? Thousands I’m sure…but the truth is …that’s good for them. We’re concerned about the one who made it.

DOUBT; while tip of the week leans towards the entrepreneur I like to believe that there are lessons here for anyone looking to succeed. There is nothing wrong with doubt. It’s absolutely human. The problem lies with letting it take root. Then you’re dead. Examine your doubt; buy it a drink if you like but NEVER EVER let it in. Success is mostly based on the illusion that you have already succeeded and that’s all you can see. We succeed first in our minds and then we make it real.

THE PATH; we have no idea what we’ll be doing this time next year. Make no mistake; all the fancy plans and great ideas can never predict the future. Steve Jobs of Apple said in an interview that he could ‘ONLY CONNECT THE DOTS LOOKING BACKWARD’. We do our ABSOLUTE BEST and we try it all because we have no idea where it will lead. Take this post for instance…Free advertising I thought but more than that it is now a forum for the quick short exchange of ideas and a ten minute read on Fridays. Where will it lead? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

LOOK AROUND; speaking to a member of this group once, he proudly told me how he never reads bulk text messages. ‘I just delete them’ he said. How can we hope to dominate our environment when we are bereft of information? Read EVERY stupid bulk message you get because it takes less than 60 seconds and that information can’t kill you but who knows when it’ll be important to you. Read the papers and . Check out ONE new website a week. Be aware and use it too your advantage.

STICK OUT; when I need to get things done I always go to my phone. If I need a lawyer, architect, information…whatever. The thing is I know exactly who to call. The question here is what anyone will call you for. Do you deliver? Are you good at what you do? Can they trust you to deliver if they assign the task to you? Let every one know who you are and what you do. I have a good friend who is an architect and I already know that he will build my house someday, WHY? Cause he’s good at what he does and he STICKS OUT!!!! If you have a business or product you want us to plug on 33000 then send the information to me and consider it done.

PLUG OF THE WEEK; please check out and also look up . Also look out for the FACE OF SELARA SHOW in Abuja on Wednesday the 19th of March. Promises to be HOT!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK; Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby…Ruth Renkel

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