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Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Solution

Friday 25th
It seems like forever to get to the end of January but then again maybe it’s just me.
We often feel like we don’t have enough tools for the task ahead of us. Be it a personal or professional task. The truth is we have everything we need to get everything we want. Assets that we don’t acknowledge but are there to be fully exploited. We just need to refocus!

YOUR MOBILE PHONE; More that a source of horrible phone bills and the need to keep upgrading models. Take a closer look at the contacts on your phone. These are assets. If your phone is full of numbers that cannot increase your level of pleasure or decrease your level of pain; then you need a rethink. The contacts we make everyday are all capable of helping to accomplish our goals and advance our career. Your contacts are the most vital asset you have. USE THEM!

SPEAK LAST; in negotiation there is a maxim.... ‘He who speaks first; loses’. So whether in life or at work…. Learn to speak last. The ability to negotiate may even include agreeing to the other parties point even if it makes absolutely no sense to you at all. Learn to focus on what you want before you get there and remember to make that point last.

FACEBOOK; More than a place to tell others how many countries you’ve been too or your current mood. FACEBOOK is a real time marketplace allowing you to push your products/services/self, because in the end..Who we are will hardy be determined by what we know but rather who we know. So look beyond the obvious and ask yourself how FACEBOOK can work for you.

LOOK BEFORE YOU PAY. The internet, friends, newspapers and every source of FREE information are all there for you to exploit. NEVER pay for anything that’s even slightly expensive unless you are certain of the true cost. There is no bigger ‘DUH’ moment than 2 weeks later finding out that you paid 25k for something that really costs 8!! A real kick in the teeth!!!

SOLUTIONS NOT PROBLEMS; A friends dad once told me that he never says the word ‘PROBLEM’. Instead he says ‘CHALLENGE’ and whenever there is a challenge… he only sees the ‘SOLUTION’. The challenge already exists and you cannot change that. SO FOCUS ON THE SOLUTION!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK; when you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of actions you should take…choose the bolder
Author; William Joseph Slim

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